2nd Week (15-19/7) – 2 hours/day
13:30-15:30, DANCE CENTRE CLASS 1

Staying connected

My workshop is experimenting with different movement qualities, combining technique and different dynamics with personal interpretation and sensitivity. Through the use of a quite unique method – a kind of a game, emphasis is given on the realization of external stimuli and on the possibility to instantly switch between passive and active roles.
To dance with passion, dynamics, fully engaged and at the same time to be fully aware of the environment, ready for action or ready to let go and with a sensitive “group feeling” is something that I consider rare in the dance world. I find this combination very challenging and that’s something I m trying to work on in my workshop.
Believing that every dancer should discover a personal way of moving within technique, emphasis is also being given on improvisation tasks that help personal qualities to evolve.
This dynamic workshop will help us build technique and physicality through an enjoyable way, with a lot of acrobatic influences and love for the floor without losing the freedom and joy of dance.

Stella Zanou

Stella was born in Athens and has studied dance in London College of Dance, London Studio Centre, The American College of Greece (BA) and the Greek State School of Dance. After working as a choreographer and dancer for Prosxima dance company, Stella formed “Smack Dance Company” in Greece and currently is living in Berlin, working as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer.
As a dancer she has worked amongst others with Johannes Wieland and the State theater of Kassel, Walter Bickmann, Maya Caroll/Lipsker, Clint Lutes, Xaris Mandafounis, Thomas Mettler, Richard Siegal, Michael Klein, Nana Vachla, Editta Braun, Yannis Antoniou, Ioanna Parali, H. Andahopoulou, etc.
As a choreographer she has created /presented work, among other places, for Vienna Opera house, Staatstheater Kassel, S.E.A.D. – “Bodji project”, “One small step festival”, Dock 11, Athens International Festival, Gnarl Festival, No ballet fest, Santorini Arts Factory, etc
She is teaching dance in places such as Staatstheater Braunschweig/Kassel, S.E.A.D.- Salzburg, cie Toula Limnaios, B12/ Berlin, Proda – Oslo, Nachschub – Basel, Potsdamer Tanztage, Bruckner University / Linz, University of dance and music in Cologne, Hollins University / Frankfurt, Iwanson International dance school, American College of Greece, One small step festival – Corfu, etc.
Stella has won the price of the audience for the duet “We like men strong cause they last longer”, in Budapest “Solo and Duo Dance Festival”, in 2003 (Choreographed by Stella Zannou for Prosxima Dance Company) and was voted as “Dancer of the year” for the Ballet Tanz magazine by Katja Werner 2003 and from Arnd Wesemann in 2010.

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