SEEd –
improvisation strategies

2nd Weekend (13-14/7) – 3 hours/day
12:30-15:30, DANCE CENTRE CLASS 1

SEEd – improvisation strategies from the Alexander Technique to contemporary dance
(The workshop includes live sound/soundscape)

The workshop’s materials are inspired by the poetic literalism of the human body, plant physiology, and planet orbits. Drawing from the Alexander Technique, somatic education and an experiential anatomy toolkit, classes include verbal instructions, subtle gestures, metaphors, and scores, group improvisation sessions which are talked-through in real time, hands-on exercises in duets, and instant composition sessions.

In this workshop we will explore improvisation as bare technique, working towards psychophysical unity in all creative and technical aspects of the emergence of movement and dance. Some common SEEd themes:
– tropism (site-responsive stimuli, falling up)
– nervous system (dancing with a dance past)
– bony landscape
– gesturing from the fascia (connection, proprioception, physical presence)
– breath (taking in the space).
– embracing habit
– warming up as a motivation to dance
– multidirectionality (every cell in my body)

The Alexander Technique is an indispensable toolkit to a performer’s, cultivating kinaesthetic intelligence, and retrieving one’s organic balance. Ida P. Rolf (Rolfing), Moshe Feldenkrais (Feldenkrais Method), Joan Skinner (Skinner Releasing Technique), Trisha Brown, Gill Clarke, and Pauline Oliveros (Deep Listening), are some of the most important people in the performing arts, dance and movement education that have mentioned some profound experiences through incorporating the Alexander Technique in their own practice.
This workshop is designed for dancers, actors and other professionals and students of the performing arts, as well as for experienced non-professionals, as the materials allow and encourage participants to develop their process in their own pace.
The SEEd project is housed and supported by Chisenhale Dance Space in London since 2015. Editions of this material have been also taught in Music Village festival (Pelion), Tsak Bam Festival (Aegina), AVGO studio (Thessaloniki), DOCK11 (Berlin), while a 20h SEEd intensive will be part of this year’s Tanz Fabrik summer programme.

Georgia Paizi

Georgia Paizi (UK/GR) is a dancer and movement & experiential anatomy teacher, currently focusing her teaching on dance improvisation strategies, and the somatic training of the actor.
Georgia teaches regularly in Athens (DILOS Drama School, Philippos Nakas Conservatoire, and other professional dance and drama schools and studios), London (Chisenhale Dance Space), and Berlin (DOCK11).
Georgia’s current research explores improvisation as bare technique, as well as the shared experience of being seen, drawing from the field of somatic education, and the Judson Church legacy (SRT, BMC, AM, CI, instant composition and more, near more than 60 renown teachers in Europe & NY since 2005), while occasionally also plays with a post-dramatic theater toolkit.
Georgia studied dance with the Independent Dance (MA Creative Practice – Dance Professional, Gill Clarke Bursary, TLD Award) at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, where she also studied anatomy & physiology (CCST) and trained as an Alexander Technique teacher (LCATT). She also holds a BA in theatre (UoP) and an MA in spatial theory (NTUA).
Collaborations include Danae Theodoridou, Konstantin Michos, Alex Howard, Thodoris Ziarkas.

Thodoris Ziarkas

Thodoris Ziarkas is an improviser, double bassist and composer born in Rhodes, Greece. Currently based in London he is mainly involved with jazz, improvisation and folk music from around the world. In addition, he is a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique (LCATT, London 2017).
Main projects: Valia Calda, solo, the SEEd, London Improvisers Orchestra, COT, Bonnendis, Stamou/Chytiris/Ziarkas, AMAN!
Collaborations include: Alan Wilkinson, Anna Homler, James Allsopp, Steve Beresford, Maggy Nichols, Beibei Wang, Adam Bohman, Sharon Gal, Michalis Kouloumis, Takatsuna Mukai, Tim Giles, Julie Kjær, Orphy Robinson, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, Alex Bonney, Sue Lynch, Gareth Lockrane, Roman Gomez, Blam, No Clear Mind, Kalia, Circuit, Daemonia Nymphe, Manos Achalinotopoulos, Electric Litany, Mimika Orchestra, Dimitri Vasilakis, Vasilis Xenopoulos, Olcay Bayir, Kourelou.

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