Dance –

1st Weekend (6-7/7) – 2 hours/day
12:30-14:30, DANCE CENTRE CLASS 1

Dance – Acrobatics

– Preparation of the body to be found in areas of high tension and for trusting basic acrobatic modes. (Basic positions)
– Smoothing the linearity of exercise in organic forms reachable from the body at all different stages of his ability.
– Moving bodies, in acrobatic flow paths.
– Dance-translation/ relationship music movement, Combinations, phrases containing
the building materials of the course.

Christina Sougioultzi

She was born in 1977 in Athens, she graduated the N. Kontaxaki’s Professional Higher Private Dance School. From 1999 until 2003 she participated in all the productions of Schedia Dance Group in Greece and other countries. From 2003 until 2008 she participated at Kratiras, where she worked with the dance group Sinequanon.
Additionally, she formed kiomOskineitai team with Camilo Bentancor. From 2003, kiomOskineitai presented: ARRiBA, The Newton’s Lie, AzIf, PurgatoRio, Il PaRRaiso, medDet*, God’s particle, Betelgez, Erotokritos, Noir, Master and Margarita.

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