2nd Weekend (14/7) – 2 hours/day
17:00 – 19:00, DANCE CENTRE CLASS 2
Course cost: 12euro drop in

Masterclass: Come and find your own movements!

Rita Góbi graduated at Hungarian Dance Academy as dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Her really unique and uncanny choreographies are constructed by repetitive, miniature movements and grotesque, animalistic, distorted elements. She loves the physicality of the body and its extremes. Rita has already taken many workshops and masterclasses not only in Hungary but also abroad, like in Poland, Russia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Serbia, Netherlands, Japan and in Romania. With the help of Góbi’s training and your inner concentration you can reach a new level of free dance. The class will start with a warming-up session, to move all the body parts, and will contain free choreographic opportunities, ‘guided’ improvisation. The focus of the class is on each one of the participants, so at the end of the session everyone will have his or her own choreography. Beginners, intermediates and professional dancers are also welcome!

Rita Góbi

Rita Góbi is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, who is continuously exploring the styles and languages of dance. Born in Novi Sad, Serbia, graduated at Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest. She was a participant of various international dance workshops and residency programs, like the US-based OMI DANCE Residency and VARP residency at
SE.S.TA-KoresponDance, funded by International Visegrad Foundation.
Rita started her career working with several Hungarian-based dance companies (Ballet Pécs, Yvette Bozsik Company, Réka Szabó’s Company – The Symptoms, Natural Art Disasters, Éva Duda Company, L1 Dance Association) and working with the film director Miklós Jancsó.
In 2006 she founded Góbi Dance Company. Rita is also a dance teacher at Nemes Nagy Ágnes Art Vocational School, and she regularly holds workshops in Hungary and internationally at various festivals.
Her choreographies are based on intuition and experimentation, but are precisely constructed by repetitive, miniature movements and grotesque, distorted elements that are slowly and consequently transforming into a different state. She is playing with her bodyparts, loves the minimalism, physicality of the body and its extremes. Her way of creation is analytical, futuristic, tight. Góbi’s performances are always based on personal experiences and are often accompanied with live music or by other artists from various art fields.

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