2nd Week (15-19/7) – 3 hours/day

Dancing technique

Because our interest is movement, and because we process our interests through movement, to us technique and expression are interlinked, the one serving and feeding the other. But when we think of technique we do not think of a predesigned set of concrete skills, we think rather of the ability of being technical, that is, the ability to derive conscious knowledge out of one’s actions, and the ability to dismantle and reassemble mechanisms of movement. It can be conceived as well as the ability of thinking movement, or of thinking through movement, or of moving through thought… all these are interconnected as well.
This focus on the interaction of mental organization and movement is our main converging point in our practices and our starting point for this workshop. We will approach this point from both our angles. Through premeditated improvisational exercises, by producing but also experimenting with proposed material we will be both feeding thought and movement simultaneously.

Georgia Vardarou

Georgia Vardarou (Athens 1983) graduated from the State School of Dance (Κ.Σ.Ο.Τ.) (GR) and then from P.A.R.T.S. (BE) with the support of the first scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation I.K.Y. In Greece she worked with Apostolia Papadamaki.
After her graduation in 2008 she started working as a dancer with the choreographer Salva Sanchis and she has been part of all his productions from 2008 until 2012. She has also worked as a dancer with Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Lance Gries and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (2014-2916). The last years she works with the choreographer Marc Vanrunxt in various creations and types of collaborations with him.
As a choreographer, she first committed to a piece of research on personal movement and the content that this carries. She created the solo “Hardcore Research on Dance” as an outcome. Then she choreographed her first group piece “Phenomena” and later “New Narratives”. Nowadays she is busy with her next solo project “Where Dance Happens”.
She lived, studied and worked in Brussels for 13 years. In 2017 she moved near Barcelona. There, she is already a frequent resident at La Caldera, Barcelona and El Graner. Her work is being produced by kunst/werk (BE).

Salva Sanchis

Salva Sanchis (Manresa 1974) is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher who has developed his artistic career in Brussels (BE) over 22 years and who is currently living near Barcelona. In 1998 he graduated with the first generation of P.A.R.T.S., and he has been both teaching and producing dance performances since then. He has collaborated with choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker on several occasions. Currently, the two last performances of Salva Sanchis are on tour: “Radical Light” (2016), and “A Love Supreme” (2005/2017), made in collaboration with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. As of 2017, Salva has indefinitely stopped his choreographing activity and is focusing on studying and teaching.

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