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Stella Serefoglou – Greece

“With ten vignettes of people colliding head-on with life, Sakis Serefas moves us with his distinctive sense of humour.
People who, instead of giving up, persist.
Because they’re all on their way.”

Director’s note:
Setting. The kitchen. As a meeting point, a gathering place, a mess hall, but also as the main space for transformations and confessions.
Time. There is no time reference, it could be something that happened in the past, is happening now, or could potentially happen in the future.
The characters. A woman and a man meet in a kitchen and make their confessions. Each has their own story to tell.
Almost always, we wish to structure our lives in such a way as to avoid the sudden and the unforeseen.
But these mysteries, difficulties, and magical moments of life are exactly the cathartic moments that are integral to human fate.
Because we are human, and we all have a road to follow.

Duration: 70 minutes

Stella Serefoglou
Stella Serefoglou is a director, living in Greece, and a member of the non-profit organization “Director’s Cut”, which consists of thirty men and two women. She has received multiple awards for commercials she has directed.
Before studying directing, she was selected to attend the classical dance course under the direction of Vicky Marangopoulou (former artistic director of the Kalamata International Dance Festival). From 1990 to 1994 she collaborated with important choreographers and took part in performances of Zouzou Nikoloudi, Sofia Spiratou, Natasa Zouka and others. Since then, dance has been an integral part of her work.
She studied advertising (BA / BSC) at the London Metropolitan University of London while attending theatre classes at City Lit College.
Returning to Greece, she studied film direction in “The Hellenic Cinema & TV school – Stavrakos”, where she graduated in 2004.
She specialized in Drama Education at Xenia Kalogeropoulou’s Porta Workshop and uses theatre techniques as a basic tool in her work with young children.
She also directs for the theatre: “My mum’s great hug” (at the Mihalis Kakogiannis Foundation and Thision Theatre), “Ah Bach” a performance about the life and work of J.S. Bach (at the B. & M. Theocharakis Visual Arts Foundation), “On the way” (104 Theatre & ALFA Theatre).
“Eggxit”, her most recent production is a play for toddlers, cowritten with Antonis Papatheodoulou (at The Athens Concert Hall in Megaron).
In July of 2018, she directed the short film, “1”, starring Xenia Kalogeropoulou, a production of Heretic. The film is still in post-production.

selected commercials:

Lena Giaka
Lena Giaka was born in Karditsa. She completed her BSc in Informatics and Telecommunications at the University of Athens and graduated from the New Greek Theatre of Giorgos Armenis School of Drama (2006-2009). Since then, she worked as an actress performing at the theatre, cinema and TV. She has collaborated with various directors, choreographers and artists like Giorgos Armenis, Kostas Gakis, Vasillis Mavrogeorgiou, Hrysa Spilioti, Electra Elliikioti, Nicolas Androulakis, Vassia Atarian, Eirini Sourgiadaki, Stella Serefoglou, Meropi Zavlari, Katerina Tzova, Nikos Poμonis, Meropi zavlari, Ermira Goro and others. She has been taught Alexander Technic, ballet, belly dancing, Tango and Sotokan. She likes experimenting with her camera to create Video Art. Some of her videos were shown at the Athens Art Festival. She likes photography and followed a full year seminar course by the photographer Platon Rivellis. She teaches Information Technology and Theatre to high school kids.

John Drakopoulos
John Drakopoulos is a certificated civil engineer graduated from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and member of the Hellenic Technical Chamber.
He graduated with distinction of drama school ‘’New Hellenic Theatre’’ (2002 – 2005).
Since then, he has worked as an actor in theatre, cinema and television. He has collaborated with a great number of Greek directors like Diagoras Hronopoulos, Antonis Krobas, Kostas Gakis, Panagiotis Larkou, Damianos Kostadinidis, Thodoris Atheridis, Pemy Zouni, Grigoris Hatzakis, George Armenis, Athina Tsagari, Gorges Servetas, Nikos Zapatinas, Alexandros Zarmpis, Kleanthis Danopoulos, Vasilis Katsikis, Grigoris Karadinakis, Vagelis Tsaousopoulos, Vasilis Giatsis, Vardis Marinakis, Vasilis Vafeas and others.
From 1994 until 2010 he was giving acting seminars at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the Economical University of Athens and the University of Pireus. He is a columnist at the monthly magazine ‘’New Politik’’.

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