Saturday 6/07
20:00, KYMATA


“Black Swans is considered to be the unexpected event, the remarkable moment that suddenly changes history where no one expects it.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Inspired by the theory of Taleb and believing that the unexpected may happen, composes a piece based on the way of man towards the realization of his desires. Black Swans refers to the man’s effort and perseverance to realize his dreams. The choreographer, Anastasia Brouzioti, is inspired by the movement of the swan who wants to fly.
During the performance we watch two creatures (human-birds) on their way to realizing their dreams. The two dancers outline two characters that are constantly moving in the search of happiness. Sometimes they walk, sometimes they run and sometimes they try to fly to what they are calling without knowing if they will eventually reach it. They are tired, disappointed, afraid, exhausted, but they do not give up, they do not stop, they continue to walk and pray that their expectations will be fulfilled.

Idea / Choreography: Anastasia Brouzioti
Dramaturgy: Efthimis Christou
Dancers: Matina Kokolaki, Anastasia Brouzioti
Music production: Yiannis Romanos
Costume: Smaralia Karakosta
Lighting design: Yiannis Tsigris
Photography: Christos Tzimas, Sideris Nanoudis
Video artist: John Doe
Dance of the Hours / Amilcare Ponchielli
Indoor Swimming at the Space Station / Eluvium

Duration: 30 minutes
Created by Anastasia Brouzioti in 2012. The creative / choreographic work of the company so far is based on the research of human relations and the directness of dance as a way of expression and communication. The goal of the choreographic work is to create pieces that highlight the body as a body of unprecedented experiences.
The projects that has presented so far are: Wish (2012), A True Story (2013), Moving Picture (2014), Race to Grace (2015), Soul Mechanisms / Journey in the Sky (2016), Infinity Room Dear, Home (2017), Black Swans (2018). Two of them have been awarded by the Choreographic Competition of Madrid in 2013 (A true story) and 2015 (Race to grace). The pieces had been presented in festivals of Greece and abroad (Danza Trayectos, Dance Festival Arc for Dance, Lekuz Lekuz, One Small Step, Dantza Hirian, etc.). The project “Race to Grace” was chosen by the organization of festivals “Red de Cielo Abierto” to go on tour in Spain in 2016. In March of 2017 the company was awarded (prize of the audience) for the project “Home” that was presented in “Feedback Festival 2017” in Kinitiras, Athens.
The company was a resident of the Center for Dance and Performing Arts LaCaldera in Barcelona, the Choreographic Center of La Gomera, Garaze Performnig Arts (Corfu), ART 63 (Athens), Κinitiras (Athens).

Anastasia Brouzioti
Born in Larissa in 1982. Studied classical dance at the National Academy of Ballet in Larissa, Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Movement Composition at AREA (Barcelona) and Hiphop at the Company & Company School (Barcelona). Started to dance professionally and teaching in Greece and Spain since 2008. In 2012 she founded the company in which she acts as a dancer and choreographer. As a choreographer has presented her work in various festivals in Greece and abroad such as Arc for Dance Festival (Athens), One Small Step (Corfu), FAM (Tenerife), Trayectos Danza (Zaragoza), Lekuz Lekue Festival (Bilbao), Danza Hirian, Echo Echo Dance Festival (Ireland) and much more. Had been awarded by the Madrid Choreography Competition (Certamen Coreografico de Madrid) for the project “A true story” (Residency Award at Centro Coreografico de la Gomera / Kanarias Islas, 2013) and “Race to Grace” LaCaldera dance, Barcelona, 2015). In March 2017 won the first prize (audience award) at the “In progress Feedback Festival 2017” for the piece “Home”. Has been hosted as a guest choreographer by LaCaldera Dance and Performing arts Center (Barcelona, 2016), Art63 (Athens, 2017) and by Centro Coreografico de la Gomera (Canary Islands, 2013).
As a dancer / performer collaborated with: LaTaimada, Iasis, Soyuz, Pantelis Makkas, D.Martinez, Ol.Alvarez, Yannis Antoniou-Kunst-stoff company, Lola Gonzales, Marianna Kavalieratos, Thomas Mosxopoulos for the opera “Manon”. As an actress participated in the film by Giorgos Zoi / Interruption (Official participation at the Venice and Thessaloniki Film Festival 2015). From 2011 up to now have been working as a choreographer in various theatrical performances and teaches at dance schools in Greece and abroad.

Matina Kokolaki
Born in Crete in 1990. Studied in the National School of Dance in Athens and graduated in 2011 while being a student in the University of Crete in the Pshycology Department.  After graduation worked with Porson’s Khashoggi dance co. for the creation of solo ‘Cosmos’. Moved in Brussels in 2012, where she had the opportunity to attend interesting classes and workshops and meet remarkable people in the field of contemporary dance. The same year she started working with James Thierree, director of Compagnie du Hanneton based in Paris and Lausanne for the three years world tournee of ‘Tabac Rouge’. Afterwards, she moved in and started working in Berlin with Porson’s Khassoggi dance co. for the pieces ‘zeno&nero’ and ‘walk in progress’; showing their work in Germany, Luxemburg, Greece. She collaborated with video artists that are interested in kinetical elements in their work, such as Michael Rubakov and Lola Gonzalez. Since October 2015 is living in Greece working with dance collectives based in Athens. She started her own -in progress- solo work ‘to lemoni petaxe’. She worked with Kettly Noël within the framework of Documenta14 in Athens for the piece ‘Zombification’. She is super interested in methods of redefinition of movement (Feldenkrais, Alexander etc.) following the non-stoppable flow of personal growth. She participated in the triptyque ‘Love and revolution’, ‘A masturdating’, ‘hi jack.hijack’ a long duration project of the greek choreographer Androniki Marathaki. Since 2017 she has been collaborating with Anastasia Brouzioti, Almalibre dance co. for the pieces HOME and BLACK SWANS that were performed in 2017 and 2018 in Kinitiras art space. She participated in the movie ‘A pure Place’ of Nikias Chryssos. She has been teaching contemporary dance and improvisation in Athens and the rest of Greece.

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