Friday 12/07

It’s better in the Bahamas
Ioanna Antonarou & Natasha Sarantopoulou – Greece

The world has broken down.
So we are looking for another place where we would happily move, tomorrow if possible. But it seems that this place is made of the leftovers of our canceled expectations.
Of course, no one has yet been there to tell us how it is.

Concept – Performance: Natasha Sarantopoulou, Ioanna Antonarou
Dramaturgy: Alexandros Mistriotis
Assistant: Foivos Petropoulos
Music Composition: Pavlos Katsivelis
Light Design: Eliza Alexandropoulou
Set & Costumes Design: Dimitra Liakoura
Photography: Alina Lefa
Production: Prosopo Ensemble

Duration: 40 minutes

Special thanks to: Christina Maraboutaki, Giorgos Hanos, Christos Xyrafakis, Anastasis Karachanidis and Alimos Municipality for the courtesy of rehearsal space

Premier: May 26, 2018 / ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL

Financially supported by Ministry of Culture & Sports/Greece (2019)

Ioanna Antonarou was born in Athens in 1985. She graduated from the State School of Dance in Athens in 2012. She is studying at the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering at the University of the Aegean in Syros.
As a dancer she collaborated with: Octana Dancetheatre/ Konstantinos Rigos, Akropoditi Dancetheatre, SQx Dance Company and Iraqi Bodies. In June 2017 she participated in Day out of Time project initiated by Vitoria Kotsalou at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival.
As an assistant choreographer she collaborated with Christos Papadopoulos at his last production Ion.
Besides, she is artistic administrator of the Dance Centre and Dancefest Akropoditi in Syros since 2013. She teaches contemporary and classical dance to children and adults. In autumn of 2016 she taught contemporary dance at Canadian schools in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon and North West Territories.

Natasha Sarantopoulou graduated from the State School of Dance in Athens in 2012.
As a performer she has collaborated with: K. Fillipoglou, A. Papadamaki, N. Mastoraki, S. Spyratou, Chet Walker, Default Company, Th. Moumoulidis, D. Mylonas, St.Athanasiou performing in various theaters and organizations (Athens and Epidaurus Festival, ELS, Sani Festival, Badminton, etc.).
She has choreographed various theatrical performances (Th. Abasis, El. Tsichli – National Theater, Dimon Mylonas – National Theater, Piraeus Municipal Theater, New World Theater, V. Koukalani, G. Paloubis – Tzeni Karezi, etc.) She teaches contemporary dance to children and adults.

Together they created their first choreographic work called “Walk Lola Walk”, which was first shown at Eos-Art in March 2017. December 2017, Young Artists Platform at the Municipal Theater of Pireaus / May 2018, Arc For Dance Festival, Olvio Theater, Athens /June 2018, Constellations of Amorgos Festival, Amorgos Island / July 2018, Akropoditi DanceFest 2018. Dance Centre Akropoditi, Syros Island /July 2018, Zante Dance Festival 2018, Sarakinado Theater, Zakynthos Island / Upcoming – May 2019, Sib Lab Dance, Hamar, Norway
In August 2018, they were subsidized by the Ministry of Culture for their new production that will premiere in May 2019 in Athens.

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