Daigle and

Icarian games:
Technique, research and mobilization

1st WEEK (13-17/7) – 2 HOURS/DAY

Icarian games: Technique, research and mobilization

A technical training will be offered alongside with mobilisation and research exercises. Basics and pure technique will be explored equally as a choreographic work of integrating movement in the lifts. In fact, we are interested in melting dance and Icarian games, notably how to include a floor work in the going up and down of the icarian, how to invert the relationship between porter and flyer, how to find a freedom of movement in a technique that can sometimes be stiff and gymnastic. We like to see the teaching of Icarian games in a similar perspective as teaching dance, without neglecting the technique that is inherent to Icarian games. In a group context, we also like to suggest lifts, passing through and transfer exercises that incorporates many duos.

Ages: 16+
Levels: Semi-professionnal/Professionnal

The company

Performers in contemporary dance and circus, Christine Daigle and Mathias Reymond created the Company Ici’bas in 2015. The company, based in Sainte-Croix in Switzerland, has the project to promote the interdisciplinarity of the performing arts. For their first piece, the company creates “L’envers”, a project combining dance and circus designed for the city and its architecture, rediscovered by the dancers. With this first proposition, the company was able to share its work in over 50 festivals in a dozen different countries. The show receives the jury prize from the contest Mais Imaginarius in Portugal and the prize Best performance of emerging company in Umore Azoka, Spain. In 2018, the company premiere “Homonolith”, which brings the audience far away from the cities into the nature for 4 hours between day and night. This migration orchestrated by 8 performers treats the subject of private property, appropriation and exile. In 2019, the company creates the piece “Lonely are the lonely roads” for atypical venues and theatres. An ode to desire, sensuality and to our devastating need of tenderness. A simple but strong visual environment accompanied by an original electro-music composition where the dancers evolve between human warmth and post-traumatism.

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